YWC Schedule

Friday, January 18


Welcome Party and Ministry Fair | Majestic Ballroom (Tower)


YWC Opening Worship | Majestic Ballroom (Tower)
Alex DeJesus and Carlos Devitis

Saturday, January 19


YWC Breakfast and Worship Service | Hard Rock Cafe
Sponsored by North Park University

CovTalks by Joel Brand, Tara Hollingsworth, Jonathan Reynolds, and Katy Langley


Conference Lunches

1:30 - 3:00pm

Breakout Sessions

Contemporary Challenges of Youth Ministry in an Urban Context | Director’s Row I
Jonathan Reynolds, Oakdale Covenant Church, Chicago, IL

This session will explore the unique challenges of doing urban ministry in the big city. Due to globalization and modern technological advances, we now see need for youth ministries to discern the trends of urbanization that are influencing our current culture. Topics such as justice, the kingdom of God, and youth discipleship will help to guide this workshop as we explore the practical realities of engaging youth in some of the most diverse, densely populated ministry contexts to ever exist.

Helping Youth Understand Justice Conversations: Mass Incarceration | Director’s Row H
Dominique Gilliard, Love Mercy Do Justice, ECC, Chicago, IL

This workshop will explain how youth get caught in the school-to-prison pipeline, explore ways the Church can interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and provide a framework for introducing mass incarceration to students through a discipleship lens.

3:15 - 4:45pm

Breakout Sessions

Ministry Models in a Post-Christian Youth Ministry World | Director’s Row I
Katy Langley, Danny Bowers, Peninsula Covenant Church, Redwood City, CA

The news about Jesus goes on forever and ever... but, maybe the methods we use to talk about him don't have to. It's no secret that cultural landscapes are rapidly changing, and with it, church contexts. How are you supposed to share faith with a student culture that can believe a Snapchat news feed quicker than 1 Corinthians? Join Danny and Katy, pastors from the diverse California Bay Area, for a conversation around Jesus, students and leadership -- in a changing world.

Ministering to the #MeToo Generation | Director’s Row H
Ruby Varghese, Quest Church, Seattle, WA

It’s rare to not hear the ongoing realities of allegation of sexual harassment or assault in the world and in our churches. As Pastor we must grow in our awareness, education, and explore ways to best engage the nature and extent of sexual abuse as we minister to students and families. I would love to lay a biblical framework for how we address these topic, discuss the impact happening in the local church, and explore changes we as the church need to make in response to the widespread sexual harassment and assault of women and men.

5 - 7:00pm

Dinner (on your own)

7:30 – 9:00pm

YWC Worship Service | Majestic Ballroom (Tower)
Alex DeJesus and Tim Ciccone

Sunday, January 20


YWC Worship Service | Majestic Ballroom (Tower)
Alex DeJesus and Sarah Shin

12 - 2:00pm

Lunch (on your own)

2 - 4:00pm

Breakout Sessions

Raise the Temperature for Evangelism with the BLESS for Youth Small Group Materials | Governors Square 10
Michelle Sanchez, Make and Deepen Disciples, ECC, Chicago, IL
Erik Cave, Pacific Northwest Conference Office

The BLESS for ECC Youth Small Group Materials are powerful tools for empowering students for evangelism. This breakout session will unpack the five letters of BLESS for your student ministry context. You will get to hear about the heart behind BLESS while exploring how to apply it to your unique church and community. There will be instruction, discussion and application featuring the content creators for BLESS for ECC Youth.

It’s the Value System, Steward | Governor's Square 11

Permeating every discussion, decision and to-do list is a complex, multi-faceted set of value systems, assumptions and expectations. Some are obvious, many are unclarified. Join others in exploring how to identify, own, articulate and even light-heartedly navigate varied value systems in order to mutually agree upon priorities, approaches, outcomes and understandings. “Come, let us reason together.”

Joel Rude, executive director, Alpine Camp and Conference Center, Blue Jay, CA

6 – 9:00pm

YWC Party - Lucky Strike Bowling!

Monday, January 21

9am – Noon

Seminar: Guiding Families of LGBTQ and Loved Ones | Majestic Ballroom (Tower)
Bill Henson, director of Lead Them Home, and author of Posture Shift, and Guiding Familie

Join us for training and conversation with Bill Henson on his fully updated resource: Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones: Second Edition. This 140-page illustrated guide provides practical insights on how to honor God and deeply love LGBT+ people in your life. An accompanying book to the seminar will be for sale at a discounted price of $10 prior to the seminar. Please arrive by 8:30 am to purchase your book. Credit Card payments accepted.


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